Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ice Cream Cone Cakes

Today is my birthday and the 4th of July weekend!!! since it's a busy weekend I decided to take a short cut and use cake from the box....yes I said from the box

this a don't!!!! don't fill your cones this high it will spill over

1. fill your cones 3/4 to the top
2. stand them in cup cake pan (see picture above)
3. follow cupcake baking directions on package approx 25 mins. 350

*If you have a dessert recipe that you are having trouble with or afraid to try, please send it to me along with a picture and I will give it a shot….

P.S. I don’t like coconut 

I hope you enjoy

Bon app├ętit in Basque - On egin!

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